Rose has lived in Blackpool for most of her life.  She was born there, grew up there with her twin sister, Sarah, and lives there now with her fourteen-year-old daughter Millie.

Because of difficult family circumstances, Rose didn’t have a very stable upbringing. Her mother died when she was three, so Rose and Sarah were brought up by their father. He was a harsh and abusive character and at the age of ten he lost custody of them. Rose and Sarah went to live with their aunt Phyllis, which unfortunately didn’t work out, so the girls were taken into care and separated. Rose found this particularly hard and hated living in a care home. Eventually, Rose and Sarah got back together and returned to Blackpool. It was fine for a while, but Rose found Sarah too bossy to live with so she moved into her own place locally.

Because of her stressful childhood Rose suffers from depression and anxiety, for which she’s taken a whole variety of anti-depressants. When it’s got really bad, she’s been admitted to hospital.

At present Millie has been refusing to go to school for several months. She doesn’t see the point of it.  This has meant that Rose has had to go to court several times and has been sanctioned and punished for Millie’s behavior. Recently Rose was put on a tag and had to be at home by 8pm every evening. The last time I was at their house, the school and social services came around demanding to know why Millie wasn’t at school.  They know why, but told Rose that, because she was already on probation from the tagging, they would escalate things and she would have to go to court again. They told her that this would probably result in a prison sentence and Millie would have to go into a foster home. How that provides a solution is anyone’s guess. Rose keeps in regular contact with Sarah who helps her out financially when she needs it.